• Starship 20: Cover Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter

  • Starship 19: Apokolypse of the praktikal moment - Cover Nora Schultz

  • Serpentine Streamer Texts

    Annette Wehrmann, translated by Carrie Roseland
  • A.E.I.u.U. Just what is it that made today's Berlin so different, so appealing?

    Judith Hopf, Michaela Eichwald, Ariane Müller, Hans-Christian Dany, Francesca Drechsler, Haytham El Wardany, Antje Majewski, Gunter Reski, Martin Ebner
  • STARSHIP 20 - Presentation @ The Wig, Berlin

    Please join us at the presentation of the long awaited new issue of Starship magazine
    at The Wig, Schröderstrasse 15, 10115 Berlin,
    Friday, February 23, 2024, 5-8 p.m.

    Don't underestimate the subconscious. She may have been looking for a way not to go.
    Rosa Aiello; Love Test, The Issue Of The Funeral

    We have learned the definition of love and hate and seen how they need each other. The secret to never breaking up is giving what you don't have to someone that you don't have.
    Eleanor Ivory Weber, Camilla Willst; Divided

    Chapter Zero
    Rip it up and start again. The words and the letters are gone and only the punctuation remains. The rhythm reformatted and the elements of the written language dismantled. Creating a new space of fractured signs, particles of language floating into new realms in new constellations. The framework for a new language and new movements.
    Jakob Kolding; Flatlands, Hiccups

    The point being? Point being, among other things, that unknowability can be invaluable (or generatively non-valuable), to allow for something else to happen at the limits of what can be processed and fed back through machines and ontologies that work to bend what exists away from future becoming.
    Lars Bang Larsen; Writing psychedelia, Unknowability

    Nina Könnemann, with a text by Kari Rittenbach; Did women make stone tools

    Cover: Michèle Graf, Selina Grüter

    Editors for this issue: Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen

    Editors: Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen
    Graphic design: Dan Solbach & Starship

    Contributors to Starship № 20:
    Rosa Aiello, Terry Atkinson, Tenzing Barshee, Gerry Bibby, Mercedes Bunz, David Bussel, Jay Chung, Eric D. Clark, Caleb Considine, Hans-Christian Dany, Albert Dichy, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ruth Angel Edwards, Stephanie Fezer, Jean Genet, Simone Gilges, Julian Göthe, Michèle Graf, Selina Grüter, Ulrich Heinke, Toni Hildebrandt, Beatrice Hilke, Karl Holmqvist, Stephan Janitzky, G. Peter Jemison, Charlotte Johannesson, Julia Jost, Julia Jung, Jakob Kolding, Nina Könnemann, Lars Bang Larsen, Anita Leisz, Norman Lewis, Elisa R. Linn, Sebastian Lütgert, Vera Lutz, Chloée Maugile, Robert McKenzie, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Robert M. Ochshorn, Henrik Olesen, Kari Rittenbach, Nina Rhode, Ulla Rossek, Cameron Rowland, Mark von Schlegell, Ryan Siegan Smith, Philipp Simon, Valerie Stahl Stromberg, Josef Strau, Vera Tollmann, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Camilla Wills, Amelie von Wulffen, Florian Zeyfang




Starship ist nicht nur eine Kunstzeitschrift,
die seit 1998 in Berlin erscheint.

Starship is not only an art magazine
published since 1998 in Berlin.

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