The music column

Waeshful Thinking

Can of Tomatoes

Places, some I’ve been to.

Brussels A dinner in Cologne. Opposite of me a musician whom I hold in great regard. He asks me a question.

Dublin The next morning my answer has become reality. Oddly enough. In digital form. How does one deal with that?

Grafenhainichen My speakers have turned mono. And then stereo. And mono again.

Katowice Are there any dreams left now?

Kraków The sound is interchangeable. It’s nine different versions of a template. A system. It is a world unto its own.

Krems It’s hard to dive into these recordings. If they are released now, what is left then? Every crack, every beat, every crushing sound, it all feels like it’s the last. Even when they move around over nine album-length tracks.

Dour It was the beginning too. I was young and drunk. On the floor of Paradiso, not being able to take in all the information given to me. It was the best thing ever. But now, what to do?

Utrecht This was released by request, by my final uttering of the wish for its existence.

Nagano It is here now.

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