Score for Possible Performance (Alonesome and Twosome for Two or Four Players)

Alonesome and Twosome for Two or Four Players

If performed as a duet, it can first be two simultaneous solos at the A and B corners of the performing space, then repeated center stage as a partnered play. Above picture commence solo section and conclude duet section. If performed as a quartet, it can be done simultaneously as two solos in the A and B corners of the performing space and one center staged duet. If continued it might collapse.

Starship 16: Cover Klara Liden
  1. Editorial 16 Starship, Henrik Olesen, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Gerry Bibby, Ariane Müller
  2. In this issue Starship
  3. Interview with Leo Bersani, Berkeley, Oct. 1995 Katja Diefenbach, Leo Bersani
  4. Untitled (Flat finish) Michael Krebber
  5. Man sagte mir, dass das Leben schmerzhaft sei ... Cornelia Herfurtner, David Iselin-Ricketts, John Allan MacLean
  6. Karl Holmqvist Starship 16 Karl Holmqvist
  7. Auf der Flucht vor der neuen Dringlichkeit Hans-Christian Dany
  8. Nilpferdkönig Tenzing Barshee
  9. Animal Farm Karl Holmqvist
  10. I started this column a million times Eric D. Clark
  11. Score for Possible Performance (Alonesome and Twosome for Two or Four Players) Michèle Graf, Selina Grüter
  12. Those ornamentals and these accidentals never they will meet Francesca Drechsler
  13. Access cont'd John Beeson
  14. Cut you down to size Robert Meijer
  15. Things Mercedes Bunz
  16. Die Welt geht unter Amelie von Wulffen
  17. Way Beyond The Pale— (An) Itinerant(’s) Meanderings Scott Cameron Weaver
  18. Mongiardino Christopher Müller
  19. Why the military should be the first client of art Robert McKenzie, Peter Fend
  20. Giraffe Birth Leidy Churchman
  21. Photos: Heinz Peter Knes – Words: Sokol Ferizi Heinz Peter Knes, Sokol Ferizi
  22. Nach dem Referendum / Over Time Pt. 2 Florian Zeyfang
  23. La femme nouvelle Nadira Husain
  24. Being invisible is the new cool? Stephanie Fezer, Vera Tollmann
  25. Octavia E. Butler Octavia E. Butler
  26. BOandI Monika Kalinauskaitė
  27. Bonnie Camplin Bonnie Camplin
  28. No Gerry Bibby
  29. U.I. Matthew Billings
  30. G. Luke Williams, Natasha Soobramanien
  31. Refound Poetry Evelyn Taocheng Wang
  32. Ein Auswandererroman Ariane Müller
  33. Comedy of Reading Katrin Trüstedt
  34. Mr. Palomar's Vacation Jakob Kolding, Søren Andreasen
  35. The Scrapbooks of Teruo Nishiyama Jay Chung, Q Takeki Maeda
  36. Reality Workshop David Bussel
  37. Queer Crit Potluck Kaucyila Brooke, Louis Coy, Boz David, Jennifer Green, Blake Jacobsen, Tyler Lumm, Giselle Morgan, Ace Shi, Vickie Aravindhan, AJ Strout, Josh Winklholfer
  38. – Xorri, didn’t get the memo # Hey Majorca! Julian Göthe
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