The Performance Agency

Starship 17: Cover Park McArthur, Martin Ebner
  1. Some follow up questions Park McArthur
  2. Editorial #17 Starship, Gerry Bibby, Ariane Müller, Nikola Dietrich, Henrik Olesen, Martin Ebner
  3. New York City in 1979, shot in 1981 Anne Turyn, Chris Kraus
  4. E.very D.amn C.olor Eric D. Clark
  5. Then I wanted to make a happy end for once Ariane Müller, Verena Kathrein
  6. Answering Lagos Dunja Herzog
  7. Fashion Fiction Eduardo Costa
  8. Hello world Vera Tollmann, Stephanie Fezer
  9. Social bodies Mercedes Bunz
  10. Saint Lucy Luzie Meyer
  11. The Overworked Body: An Anthology of 2000s Dress Robert McKenzie, Matthew Linde
  12. Untitled (waiting for trouble) Tony Conrad
  13. #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH Karl Holmqvist
  14. Life, Liberty, and Data Antek Walczak
  15. Eine schmutzig-weisse Schweizerin Hans-Christian Dany
  16. Butterrr Mikhail Wassmer
  17. Botanical Quinn Latimer
  18. Marie Angeletti; Les veaux, les agneaux Marie Angeletti
  19. Insect Love Tenzing Barshee
  20. In the Name of Jakob Kolding
  21. Pavilion-in-Parts. A Logbook. Florian Zeyfang
  22. 2017, Year of the L.I.E. Jay Chung
  23. Schriftproben bei Vergiftungen Stefan Burger
  24. Flightless Gerry Bibby
  25. Der Beautiful Books Club (BBC) Stephan Janitzky
  26. The Provenance of Privilege in the Primary Market Mitchell Anderson
  27. MD / NS Natasha Soobramanien
  28. Time Warner Some Notes on Now Monika Senz
  29. Image is an Orphan Shahryar Nashat
  30. The Bavarian Vampire 1–4 Veit Laurent Kurz, Levi Easterbrooks
  31. Indefinite Violence David Bussel
  32. Because of you I know that I exist Viktor Neumann
  33. Discarded Sounds (Intro) Robert Meijer
  34. Verweile doch Theresa Patzschke
  35. rare fragments from the notebook of an unspecified archetype Scott Cameron Weaver
  36. Starship 17 Julian Göthe
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